Our beers

Half Full Bright Ale

Style: Bright Ale (a Pale Ale – Blonde Ale hybrid)
: Half Full’s gateway beer is a crisp and refreshing Blonde/Pale Ale hybrid that is perfect for any palate.  This unfiltered beer has a light body and a citrusy grapefruit aroma, making it sessionable and approachable – the perfect year round  offering for whenever you feel like living in the moment.
Availability:  Year round
ABV / IBUs:  5.2% / 17.7
Malt:  Two-Row Pale, Munich, Vienna, and White Wheat
Hops Magnum, Centennial and Cascade
Suggested Pairings: Soft cheeses, seafood and poultry dishes, salads, light sauces, and anything you would put on the grill.

Half Full India Pale Ale (IPA)

Style: Rye India Pale Ale
Description:  An approachable IPA that provides an adventurous experience from start to finish.  This medium-bodied beer has earthy notes, a piney and spicey hop character, moderate bitterness, and a dry rye finish that conceals it’s high alcohol content. The perfect balanced IPA  for a true “hop head” or newly minted crafted beer drinker who is looking to explore!
Availability:  Year round
ABV / IBUs: 7.0% / 40.0
: Rye, Wheat, Special B, Brewers Two-Row, Pale
Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Cascade
Suggested Pairings:  Red meat, pizza, pasta, rich sauces, hard/sharp cheeses.


Half Full Toasted Amber

Style: American Amber
Description:  The Toasted Amber is an unfiltered, medium-bodied beer with chocolate notes, strong malt presence, and a toasted finish. This is by far and away our “maltiest” beer to date.

Availability:  You tell us!
ABV / IBUs: 5.6% / 29.0
: Chocolate, Special B, Brewers Two-Row, Special Pale
Hops: Magnum, Centennial
Suggested Pairings:  Smoked meats and cheeses, barbecue, caramel and chocolate desserts.

Half Full American Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale
: Half Full’s American Pale Ale offering is medium-bodied and moderately bitter. Dry hopped with an enormous amount of Summit hops, this beer has a beautifully complex nose, with hints of dank earthiness and subtle citrus. The first offering in our “Fall Series”, the Half Full American Pale Ale is a great segue from the hot days of August to the crisp evenings of September. This is a 6 week limited run batch. Enjoy!
Availability:  Mid-August – Oct 1
ABV / IBUs:  5.5% / 25
Malt:  Two-Row, Munich, Light Crystal, Special B, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Barley
Hops Summit, Cascade
Suggested Pairings: Sharp cheeses, fish and chips, barbecued meats.

Half Full Pumpkin Ale

Style: Pumpkin Ale
Finally, a Pumpkin Ale that doesn’t make you feel like you just drank a liquid Pumpkin Pie.  Our Pumpkin Ale is a light-bodied fall seasonal brewed with pumpkin and spiced with a tea consisting of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg spices.
Availability:  Mid-September – Thanksgiving
ABV / IBUs: 6.1% / 45.0
Hops Magnum
Malt: Special Pale, Special B, Wheat, Chocolate, Brewers Two-Row
Suggested Pairings:  Sweet potatoes, corn bread, stuffing


Half Full Chocolate Coffee Brown Ale

Style: Brown Ale
When the last leaves begin to settle you know it is time for a richer, heartier beer to cut through the increasingly crisp air.  Our Chocolate Coffee Brown Ale brewed with Espresso Neat coffee has a light body, creamy mouth feel, chocolate and coffee finish and slightly warm alcohol presence.
Availability:  Mid-November – Jan 1
ABV / IBUs: 5.5% / 9.0
Hops Magnum
Malt: Special B, Wheat, Vienna, Chocolate, Brewers Two-Row
Suggested Pairings: Name a dessert.