Why are we doing this? Well, we like, wanted to start a Mug Club. You know, where people get, like, discounts and stuff.

Um, sort of.

It’s also our goal to bring folks together to share in their love for all things craft beer with friends, family, and like minded strangers. When we sat down to create our version of a “Mug Club”, we knew we wanted something different. We asked ourselves, would we join if we didn’t work here? The standard “Mug Club” benefits didn’t really cut it (nor did the name). Here’s what we came up with…

Individual Benefits:

  • 20oz Member Mug. Each mug is numbered and lives at Half Full.
  • 20oz pour for the price of a 16oz, 16oz pour for the price of a 12oz. (Read, extra beer.)

Shareable Benefits (Stuff We Think Matters):

  • Member Pint every Thursday, for you AND 1 friend/family/stranger.
  • 20% OFF your entire group check 1X per month, for you AND up to 10 friends/family/strangers
  • 20% OFF draft beer to go and merchandise anytime, for you AND any friend/family/stranger
  • “Share The Love” Member Event 1X per year , for you AND 1 friend/family/stranger

Membership is $80 and lasts for 1 year. Members are guaranteed first right to renew each year. Renewal cost is $70.