• conor


    “Chief Beer Philosopher”
    After leaving a job he did not find satisfying and taking a trip around the world (see The Poor Man’s Jet-Setters), Conor found his passion to be equal parts artfully crafted beer, inspiring stories, and refreshing experiences. From the day the words “Half Full Brewery” were jotted down in a notebook, Conor has pursued turning his passion into a reality.

  • jennifer


    “Chief Beer Artist”

    Jen doesn't do the whole “test the waters” deal, she jumps right in. After several career paths did not prove to be inspiring, Jen decided to head off to the Siebel Institute to learn how to brew, having never brewed before (though her grandfather was a brewer). Nearly 15 years later we are beyond privileged to have her.

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    “Chief Beer Organizer”

    After college Jordan spent four years at two of New York's largest ad-agencies, which proved to be unfulfilling. His path to Half Full was charted via a five-month Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail and three months in Southeast Asia. A run on a cold February morning, several beers, a hand full of interviews and a fair bit of persuasion later he hopped on board and has never looked back.
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    “Chief Beer Entertainer”
    Graduating from Trinity College with a major in Economics and a minor in Mandarin Ben’s plan was to pursue a corporate job on Wall Street. Luckily for us he went on a life-changing trip around Europe in the Summer of 2013 that opened his eyes. The timing proved to be perfect and he came on board shortly after
    arriving home.
  • jon


    “Chief Beer Scientist”
    Jon’s from Minnesota. Barley and cheese soup, ice fishing, jean jackets, you bet’cha. How’d he end up in CT? Jon’s path to Half Full started at Yale and was fueled by the New Haven beer scene. After a two year stint doing Cancer research at Yale New Haven Jon decided to hand in his lab coat for a pair of brewing boots and headed on over to the Half Full Brewery.
  • Screenshot 2014-05-09 12.16.52


    “Chief Beer Admin”
    Bored while hanging out in a hotel room during her move from PA to CT, Amanda decided to kill some time by visiting a local brewery. Luckily for us it was Half Full. Three weeks later Amanda found herself sitting behind a desk in the offices of Half Full. Fitness trainer by day, inventory and organizational master by night, Amanda is a welcome addition to the crew!
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    "Assistant Beer Artist"
    Laura's smart. Jen and Jon are constantly making her do "computer" things because "she's so good at it!". Laura came to us from Conor's alma mater Notre Dame. On any given day you can find her washing kegs, doing lab work, brewing, or any other of the 1,000,000 things it takes to actually run a brewery.

  • lindsay


    “Chief Beer Brander”
    From the mouth of Conor to the sentence that follows: “Lindsay knows how to articulate the vision for Half Full 10X better than I do.” And we are happy she does. She was also chiefly responsible for pushing Conor to pursue his passion and open a business that stands for something more. Now, only if we could pry her away from that full time corporate gig ☺
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    "Optimistic Accountant"
    Crunching numbers runs deep in the Horrigan family. It’s like they were born with a spreadsheet in hand! Mike spends his days running a local Golf Course, which is his true passion. By night he can be found in Conor’s office, beer in hand, balancing the books and pestering everybody for their receipts. Sorry Mickey!

  • Screenshot 2014-05-09 13.24.18


    "Brew Dog"
    Pounce is a happy dog. You would be happy too if you had people feeding and petting you all day! If you're lucky enough to catch Pounce on a Saturday make sure to give her a belly rub, she will be eternally grateful, and will proceed to follow you around all day!