• Conor

    “Chief Optimist”
    After leaving a job he did not find satisfying and taking a trip around the world (see The Poor Man’s Jet-Setters), Conor found his passion to be equal parts artfully crafted beer, inspiring stories, and refreshing experiences. From the day the words “Half Full Brewery” were jotted down in a notebook, Conor has pursued turning his passion into a reality.

  • Jordan

    Director, Branding & Customer Experience
    After college Jordan spent four years at two of New York's largest ad-agencies, which proved to be unfulfilling. His path to Half Full was charted via a five-month Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail and three months in Southeast Asia. A run on a cold February morning, several beers, and a fair bit of persuasion later he hopped on board and has never looked back.

  • TOM

    DIRECTOR Of Brewery Operations
    Tom, a Mississippi native, graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University in 2002 and has spent the last 6 years at Brooklyn Brewery. While at Brooklyn, Tom oversaw the design and build-out of the onsite Laboratory, witnessed a brew-house expansion that helped propel the brewery from 75,000 to 225,000 Barrels in 5 years, and was instrumental in maintaining all aspects of Quality Control.
  • Adam

    Adam used to sell sugar water throughout South Boston. While the phrase "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere" usually applies to NY, the words ring true for his previous employment. "Hey buddy, ya can't pahk ya cah there!" In his free time Adam enjoys sipping rosé and watching Gilmore girls. He is also pumped to be back in his native CT, and we are really privileged to have him!

  • Zach

    Tasting Room Manager
    Zach joined us with experience at a handful of different tech startups and is helping us improve our processes & customer experience. Whenever you see Zach, his dog Rye isn't too far behind seeing as how she's named after one of our favorite beer ingredients. When he isn't at Half Full, he's probably adventuring somewhere in the Northeast or brewing his own beer at home!

  • DAN

    Dan is from the dirty Jerz, which is ironic because he most recently worked as an Applications Chemist for a large cosmetics and fragrance company, go figure. Dan started at Half Full as a cellerman and is now one of our shift brewers and we're lucky to have him!
    He also comes with some pretty cool stories, like the time he spent his first year out of college doing volunteer work in Chicago. Very noble of you Dan!

  • Jill

    Shift Brewer
    With a Master's in Brewing and a few years spent in Scotland, who better to have on the team than Jill?
    We're thrilled to have her, mostly because of her motto:
    "Always bring beer"
    In this case, Jill's also the one who makes the beer! She hasn't had too many odd jobs but if you get a chance to meet her, you need to ask her all about her time in Scotland.
    Jill also wanted us to mention that her lifelong dream is to visit Giraffe Manor, look it up!
  • Eric

    Born & raised in CT, Eric has been slinging beer for a while now!

    Besides his beer cooler, his car is usually loaded up with golf clubs, fishing poles, a snowboard or his hockey bag. Chances are, his pup Gunner will be riding shotgun with him too. Eric loves to coach hockey as well and occasionally will jump back onto the ice too!


    Kevin joined Half Full with a ton of background experience in local craft beer down in Raleigh! Lucky for us, he's tried his hand at brewing, distributing & selling. He's got roots in the Northeast though, attending Quinnipiac University and originally from NY. Oddly enough, he's a huge Braves fan (Just ask his pup Chipper Jones) & also has been to over 100 different concerts in his life!
  • JOE

    From Nashville to Stamford, Joe is a fan turned professional. Joe found us on the other side of the bar and after his fair share of pints, we decided he'd be even better at pouring them! When he's not at Half Full, chances are that he's chatting someone up about their favorite country music shows or travel spots. When you see him at Half Full, ask him about wearing a diaper on a sold out stage in Nashville!

    Coming all the way from Idaho just to join Half Full!
    Just kidding, Kaitlyn is a full time reporter and writer! We're glad she came all the way across the country to bring some of that Pacific Northwest charm. Kaitlyn says that If you have to make a big life decision, pick the one that makes you feel like vomiting. And always say yes to trying new things!

  • SAM

    A Fairfield County native & serial entrepeneur at heart, Sam has a passion for everything that we do here at Half Full. She started her first bake shop when she was 8 and dreams of opening "Bake Me Home Tonight" in the future (She's looking for bakery taste testers!).
    She loves cats, but isn't a cat lady and wants everyone to know the difference.

  • Kathryn

    Kathryn came a long way to join the Half Full crew—3,640 miles to be exact. Born and raised in California, Kathryn moved to Stamford for a job in sports marketing. She found us one cold winter night and instantly felt at home. When Kathryn’s not serving up pints in our tasting room, you’ll find her out on a hike, training for her next triathlon, or discovering the Northeast one beer at a time!
  • Jess

    Somehow we managed to bring Jess in from the great outdoors! She's usually running, biking, hiking, kayaking or crotcheting (Ok, we know that one's not outdoorsy but it's still pretty rad). Jess feels that experiences are one of the most important things in life and we couldn't agree more. Jess also works to preserve the Long Island Sound (Did we tell you how cool she is?)
  • Lindsay

    Chief Beer Brander
    From the mouth of Conor to the sentence that follows: “Lindsay knows how to articulate the vision for Half Full 10X better than I do.” And we are happy she does. She was also chiefly responsible for pushing Conor to pursue his passion and open a business that stands for something more. Now, only if we could pry her away from that full time corporate gig!


    If there's a beer brewed in CT, Brian's had it. From putting on craft beer workshops to traveling between every brewery he could find, Brian is our kind of people. He's also pretty skilled with a camera as well, he's had a film featured in a film festival and loves discovering new indie films. When you see him in our Tasting Room, make sure you ask him about his vintage beer collection!
  • Chris

    Chris is a Massachusetts native, University of Rhode Island graduate, fitness and film fanatic! Chris has been hanging around Half Full since the beginning & his favorite beer is one of our OG's, Pursuit.
    You can catch Chris behind the bar & riding his bike around Stamford, probably with a few cans of Half Full in tow!
  • Justin

    A local writer & reporter, Justin loves highlighting what brings our community together and individuals who make a difference. That's why he's such a great fit for our team here, he loves new experiences and meeting new people. His big dream is to eventually write his own book and he also loves all animals equally. He doesn't have a favorite one, which is pretty weird but it's also great that he loves all of them.
  • SAM

    A proud USC alum (Not that USC, the one in South Carolina), where she triple majored in Marketing, Human Resources & Brunch. Sam's currently studying to obtain her Certified Specialist of Wine Degree (CSW) from the Society of Wine Educators. When Sam's not studying up on wine or beer, you can usually finding her trail blazing across the country on a good run! Fun fact, she also spent most of her time prior to college on the water competing in events with US Sailing where she sailed single-handed Laser Radials.