• conor


    “Chief Optimist”
    After leaving a job he did not find satisfying and taking a trip around the world (see The Poor Man’s Jet-Setters), Conor found his passion to be equal parts artfully crafted beer, inspiring stories, and refreshing experiences. From the day the words “Half Full Brewery” were jotted down in a notebook, Conor has pursued turning his passion into a reality.

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    Director, Branding & Customer Experience
    After college Jordan spent four years at two of New York's largest ad-agencies, which proved to be unfulfilling. His path to Half Full was charted via a five-month Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail and three months in Southeast Asia. A run on a cold February morning, several beers, and a fair bit of persuasion later he hopped on board and has never looked back.

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    DIRECTOR Of Brewery Operations
    Tom, a Mississippi native, graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University in 2002 and has spent the last 6 years at Brooklyn Brewery. While at Brooklyn, Tom oversaw the design and build-out of the onsite Laboratory, witnessed a brew-house expansion that helped propel the brewery from 75,000 to 225,000 Barrels in 5 years, and was instrumental in maintaining all aspects of Quality Control.
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    Adam used to sell sugar water throughout South Boston. While the phrase "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere" usually applies to NY, the words ring true for his previous employment. "Hey buddy, ya can't pahk ya cah there!" In his free time Adam enjoys sipping rosé and watching Gilmore girls. He is also pumped to be back in his native CT, and we are really privileged to have him!

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    We hired Leanna away from her previous employer when she came to the brewery selling us something we weren't even looking for, which we ended up buying. Yeah, she's that good. Leanna went to USC (not the real one, the one in South Carolina) and in her past life she was a track star, which works out well whenever we make her jog in between account visits, which is usually on Wednesdays.
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    Hey homie! After Graduating from Albertus Magnus, Daniela found herself sitting in a windowless office selling skincare products. Shortly after she killed the last plant in the office, she decided it was time for a change. We feel bad for that plant, but we're happy she found us here at the Half Full Brewery. When not slinging beers, Daniela can be found hosting charity pub crawls or listening to Drake, whoever that is.

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    Office Manager
    We've been waiting 3 years for Jaime to show up! Her level of organization for all things accounting, bookkeeping and inventory is mind boggling! Jaime is a die hard UCONN fan and when not crunching numbers or rooting for the Huskies she can be found hunting, fishing or caring for her newborn (presumably not while hunting or fishing). For whatever reason, she also wants us to mention that she used to be a teacher. Welcome aboard Jaime!
  • blue_peak


    McLain (yes that's his real name) walked into the Tasting Room and applied for a job. Lucky for him (or us) he has worked at places like Aspen Brewing Co. and most recently Black Dirt Distillery in the Hudson Valley. McLain is a rad dude. He has run with the bulls in Pamplona, volunteered in Ecuador, and can backflip on skis. He's also a firm believer that a positive attitude and a genuine smile can open doors and lead to opportunities, and he's right, it lead him here!
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    Joe is from Hamden, so he's got that going for him. He's also worked a whole host of jobs prior to finding his passion in the brewing industry. What kind of jobs you ask?! He recently spent a year as part of a research group, hiking 15 miles a day studying SOD (Sudden Oak Death) in the foothills of California. Cool beans man. Joe is a lover of all things hands-on, and in his spare time can be found visiting breweries, hiking, surfing and just generally being a cool dude. Hey Joe!
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    Dan is from the dirty Jerz, which is ironic because he most recently worked as an Applications Chemist for a large cosmetics and fragrance company, go figure. Dan joins Half Full to help out on the canning line as well as conduct cellar work in the brewery, and boy are we happy to have him. He also comes with some pretty cool stories, like the time he spent his first year out of college doing volunteer work in Chicago. Very noble of you Dan!

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    Brian, first of all, very cool picture. Is that Tough Mudder? Second of all, very cool T-Shirt tan. That takes dedication. Brian first came to Half Full brewery as part of an internship program for school and ended up staying on board for the long haul. We would tell you what he does in his spare time but he hasn't responded to our email yet, and he already left for the day. We are guessing it has to do with Tough Mudder and T-Shirt tans, and exercise, and beer? Respond to our email Brian!
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    Jack loves Pittsburgh. He's from Pittsburgh, so that makes sense. That's the place with the Cheesesteaks right? Cool. Jack joins Half Full as our newly minted Tasting Room & Special Events Manager. Prior to joining Half Full Jack worked on some pretty high profile music festivals including one he Co-Founded at Oberlin College called "JackFest" which sold out and featured Questlove. Nice work Jack.
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    Tasting Room
    Entertainer & Tour Guide
    Christina is a busy gal. We first met Christina as one of the fearless leaders of the Fleet Feet Wednesday Night Pub Run. Having worked 2 jobs at a time since she was 16, Christina recently found herself in need of a weekend work fix and came knocking. Believe us when we say, we are happy she did!

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    Tasting Room Entertainer & Tour Guide
    Tom signs his emails "Cool Runnings". It doesn't get much more optimistic than that. If you visit Half Full on a weekend chances are you'll get to chatting; ask him about his time spent "living" in Brooklyn. You won't be disappointed. Tom first came to Half Full as a customer and we are beyond excited that he has decided to join our Crew.

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    Tasting Room Entertainer & Tour Guide
    In her real life Ashley is a teacher, which is awesome because we do a lot of teaching here. In her free time Ashely enjoys traveling to cities and finding off the beaten path places to investigate. Oh, and photobombing people who are clearly trying to take snapchats.

  • hammockpic


    Tasting Room Entertainer & Tour Guide
    Brian has a lot of enthusiasm, for everything. He was so jazzed up for his first interview here that we thought he had just robbed a Dunkin Doughnuts. Prior to working at Half Full, Brian spent time as a line striper, coffee farmer, boat delivery man, and an EMT. Oh, and 5 unfortunate years in corporate sales, but we don't hold that against him.

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    Sam's first visit to Half Full occurred when her roommate Christina (see above) asked for help on a Saturday because we were short staffed, and it was busy. She just kind of hung around after that ;) When not working the Tasting Room Sam can be found toiling away at a local startup, living the dream (70+ hrs a week). We love entrepreneurship here, so we understand the hustle!
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    "Brew Dog"
    Pounce is a happy dog. You would be happy too if you had people feeding and petting you all day! If you're lucky enough to catch Pounce on a Saturday make sure to give her a belly rub, she will be eternally grateful, and will proceed to follow you around all day!

  • lindsay


    “Chief Beer Brander”
    From the mouth of Conor to the sentence that follows: “Lindsay knows how to articulate the vision for Half Full 10X better than I do.” And we are happy she does. She was also chiefly responsible for pushing Conor to pursue his passion and open a business that stands for something more. Now, only if we could pry her away from that full time corporate gig ☺