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Together We Can make the
world a more positive place

We challenge you to live in your moment and look forward to more...we’ll be there when you do.

The Early Days

From the very beginning, when Half Full was only an “I”, my purpose revolved around pushing people to make an impact by tapping into their underlying positivity, passion, and restlessness. I didn't know exactly what that looked like, but came up with a mission that I felt embodied it at the time. "We challenge you to live in your moment and look forward to more...we’ll be there when you do."

As “I” became “We”, our mission and vision came further into focus and took on real meaning. Today, our mission is to lead and inspire ideas & community through purpose driven products, places & experiences, and our vision is to be the #1 reason people want to live in, work in, & help to build a better Stamford. To help us actualize these words, we've developed a rally cry that we live by every day; we hope you'll join us. - Conor

Some things never change

We believe it's always best to look on the bright side. We celebrate the risk takers, the dream makers, and the "who says we can't sayers".

We believe that thinking about what comes next is just. as important as living in the moment. We praise the determined adventurers who know what’s possible when you relentlessly pursue it.

We believe optimism is a movement capable of changing the world and that it's our dirty to make it be known. We value the tireless difference-makers who recognize that together we can make the world a better place, one beer, and one conversation at a time.

The Core Of Who We Are

Our Rally Cry is further distilled into a framework (The Half Full Fabric) that we use to guide ourselves and our decisions every day.

FUN-LOVING - We keep it light-hearted and always look on the bright side.
AUDACIOUS - We embrace risk and never stop saying “who says we can’t?”
BRILLIANT - We shine bright and never settle for second best.
RESTLESS - We never stop moving and are always excited for what’s next.
IMPACTFUL - We make a difference in everything we do and say.
COLLABORATIVE - We achieve great things when we chose to work together.

Come have a beer with us to see what we are all about!